Benefits of Meditation

There are so many benefits of Meditation. You can increase your concentration power, Reduce Negativity, Reduce Stress, Increase Imagination, Reduce Anxiety, Increase Self- awareness, Increase Memory, Increase Focus, meditation also improves your Mental and Physical Health.

Why you should meditate

Meditation has a very crucial part of our life journey and reaching our maximum potential. Lots of successful people from all over the world like Steve Jobs, Katy perry, Shilpa Shetty and many more. The list is very long of famous people who use meditation to enhance their quality of life.

Recent studies show that people who meditate have a higher level of gyrification in their brain, gyrification means the fold of cortex in our brain and these enhance the number of folds is actually linking with the faster processing power. You essentially became smarter and your brain becomes more active through meditation.

So, essentially you can think of meditation as a brain workout, you are just increasing your brain capability just by meditating 15-20 minutes daily.

What meditation can actually do

Meditation also changes certain parts of our brain. It increases those parts which are link with happiness, focus, memory formation, learning ability and ability to empathize. Meditation also decreases those areas which link to stress, anxiety, fear and depression.

So how you also can start your journey of meditation?

Do it in the early morning hour after you wake up.

You will not see any benefit of meditation by just doing once in a while you will get the result only if you make meditation in your daily routine in a long term.

There are lots of ways are available which tells people this is the way how you should meditate. They all are just ways, not the compulsion to do it. I suggest the simplest way.

As per definition, meditation means to disconnect from the outside world and focus on your breath, but for most people, it is not possible and there is no need to worry it’s normal in the 21st century.

How to start your meditation

Just follow these simple steps; Choose the dark silent place where no one can disturb you then Close your eye and Focus on your breathe just for 10-20 minutes, if this sounds harder to you then you can chant the sound of om and listen to any kind of music which helps in your mediation.

When you follow these steps and indulge in this form of brain relaxation routine in your part of life, you will see the tremendous benefits of mediation on your own self or maybe you will become the next meditation tutorial expert.

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