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Yoga has been flourishing in the exotic subcontinent of India since time immemorial. But what is it? A group of physical, psychic and spiritual practices that revolve around the relaxation of an individual and stilling the mind is referred to as Yoga. The practice of Yoga originates deep in the Vedas, one of the holy scriptures of the followers of Hinduism. 

Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’, Yoga means to attach or to yoke. The goals and aims behind the practice of Yoga include insight development and attaining stillness in mind. Who in this whole wide world is unaware of the benefits of Yoga? The all-powerful, one-step solution to all problems, who doesn’t know about it? Yoga has gained popularity over the years for being one of the most important healing elements. Let us see how:

Increased health

Have you ever come across commercials of green teas and yoga mats? Or have you ever seen actors doing yogic postures in movies? The way they hold their breaths and stretch has a great influence on our health. Nobody is unaware of the wonders that weight lifting exercises can do to your bones. Say goodbye to osteoporosis. With a regular command in Yoga, you are sure to develop a stronger health system with enhanced defence against diseases.

Improved flexibility and posture

During the first days of your Yoga, you might not be able to achieve the flexibility we often see on the television. But it comes. With time and with patience, looseness develops in the body, which leads to little to no pains and aches. It has been evidently proven that tight bones and ligaments are the causes of pain. The cherry on the top comes when you know that flexible muscles mean the perfect posture. 

Fights Insomnia

Are you somebody who has been constantly worried about sleepless nights, sleeping pills and changing postures every second for a good night’s sleep? Well, Yoga can fix that too. Statistically proven, people who engage in yoga routines sleep better. Yoga induces the right environment and preset, and thus motivates your brain to let you sleep.

Brighter moods

Worried about constant mood swings? While perfectly normal, an aftereffect of hormonal imbalances, mood swings can be utterly frustrating. However, you can now get rid of them! Research has proven that in its course of calming the body, prolonged practice of Yoga creates a simulation of happier moods. Your concentration levels boost, and the mental energy you achieve is beyond explanations!

Improved heart health

How many times have we come across young people getting affected by heart attacks? One person is succumbed to death every 40 seconds due to cardiovascular problems. Incidentally, Yoga has a lot to help with that, too! When you put your body in its active state, you activate the aerobic range of your heart. Regular fresh oxygen gets to your heart increasingly. What’s more? Yoga gets you relaxed, aiding blood circulation. Haemoglobin levels are highly influenced by Yoga, and you never have to hear about cardiac arrests, strokes, heart attacks or anaemia ever again!

Be it your psychic or physical health, your routine enhancement or concentration booster; Yoga remains your go-to relief for any problem as it may arise. What are you waiting for? Go get yourself a yoga mat right away!


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