Causes of Back Pain & Ways to Relieve Back Pain.

Do you feel muscles at your back aching to a shooting sensation often? If yes, do not overlook this back pain as it may turn bad from worse if not treated on time. If you are suffering from back pain and looking for remedies to cure it, here is a help for you!

 Let us have a quick look at why this pain occurs and what can you do to get rid of it.

Causes of Back Pain

Some people report upper back pain while others experience pain in the lower half. What is the reason behind these aches? A few common causes of backaches are as follows:

Strain in the Muscles or Ligament:

If you indulge in heavy weight lifting and your back gets strained constantly, you would experience pain in that particular area. Straining of muscles constantly can lead to painful muscular spasms.

Ruptured Disks:

Our backbone is comprised of several disks that are like cushions between the different small bones or vertebrae. When the soft material of these discs bulges out or get ruptured, nerves around them get pressed. This leads to severe pain.


If you have arthritis, you would experience lower back pain. In certain cases, arthritis can also lead to narrowing of spaces around your spinal cord and this condition is known as spinal stenosis.

Ways to Relieve Back Pain

Back Pain can be intolerable and the right treatment can be a saviour. Whether you are experiencing lower left back pain or lower right back pain, you can try these simple remedies.

Indulge in Aerobic Activities and Maintain a Healthy Weight

A sedentary lifestyle and erratic dietary patterns can be the prime causes of backaches. Doctors recommend that you should be moving to cure this pain. If you cannot manage other aerobic activities, even half an hour of brisk walking is enough for curing pain. It will keep your muscles strengthened and pain at bay.

Maintain a Good Posture

Your spin should be well-aligned. You should aim to keep your head centred over the pelvis. If you slouch often and for a prolonged time, it is better to avoid doing this.

Ice and Heat Both Work Well

If pain is due to inflammation or swelling, an ice pack can prove to be the best remedy. But, a heating pad can also relax the stiff and tight muscles.

Whether it is middle back pain or back pain in the upper and lower half, you can always try home remedies like rubbing medicated creams. However, prevention is always better than cure so indulge in physical activities, eat healthy food and maintain a good posture. Let your muscles feel good about the way you treat them! You are sure to be rewarded for this. So, bid adieu to pain and say hello to a healthy back.

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