Good & Bad Metabolism | Does metabolism matter in weight loss?

Metabolism is basically a type of chemical process. It balances between breaking down food and transforming it into energy for maintaining a life of a living organism. It is the combination of two processes- 1. Anabolism, 2. Catabolism. While anabolism builds up the substances on the contrary catabolism is the breaking down of substances.         

There are two types of metabolism as per human health

  1. Good metabolism
  2. Bad metabolism. 

Good metabolism

There is another name of good metabolism that is high metabolism. Because somehow in high metabolism more calories are burnt and it is easier to weight loss. So at some point, high metabolism is good for health.

Bad metabolism

Bad metabolism is also known as low metabolism. Because in low metabolism fewer calories are burnt and for this reason, there is a high tendency to get overweight. So this is not good for health most of the time.

Fast metabolism

High metabolism is a result of a fast metabolism. During work or rest, calories from food are burnt very quickly. That is why a person can take food more but for a fast metabolism, food breaks down very quickly and the person does not get overweight. 

Does metabolism matter in weight loss?

Yes, metabolism is a big factor in losing the weight of a person. A person who has fast metabolism system can break calories more quickly than others and can lose weight.

Side effects of high and low metabolism

Side effects of high metabolism

If persons can not take more food and they have a high metabolism system, they can get weight loss problem. Also, anaemia, elevated pulse rate etc can happen. 

Side effects of low metabolism

There will be problems like weight gain problems, gastric problems, hypothyroidism problems etc.

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