15 Tips – How to get better at singing (Improve Vocals)

Many people think that they sing naturally better than anyone else, then this is because their inbuilt consciousness towards the musical notes is slightly better than others. Is it enough for them? The answer is no. They have to improve their vocals. An established classical vocalist always exercise his voice and most of the vocalist doesn’t do in the right way. If you have an interest in music or you sing whatever you like or even if you talk or if you teach etc., in every aspect, your voice should have a great impact on listeners.

Here are 10 important tips to improve vocals:

  1. Drink lukewarm water in the morning(as in morning the vocal cords are resting).
  2. Don’t talk too much or shout after getting up in the morning. Talk in low pitch.
  3. Start your practise with breathing and after that initiate by humming.
  4. Do breathing exercises.
  5. Don’t drink or eat too much spicy and sour.
  6. While practicing focus on voice modulation.
  7. To improve voice texture practice long notes.
  8. In order to make your voice pitch perfect (none of us has perfect voice; its tends to perfect)
    practise on tuned tanpura.
  9. To get proper control on vocals , keep your lungs healthy and strong.
  10. Avoid smoking
  11. Use your hands While singing
  12. Believe that your voice deserves to be heard.
  13. Don’t sing if it hurts in your throat.
  14. Practice solfège (Sargam, Tonic)
  15. Open your mouth properly

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