How to maintain proper sexual health & hygiene | Importance

There are times when we hesitate to talk about our sexual health without knowing its impact on our physical, mental and social well-being. It is essential to have the courage to embrace oneself according to their sexual orientation and interests. Focusing on an individual’s sexual health and hygiene is of utmost importance. It helps them feel safe and deepens the intimacy of the act and relationship, thereby ensuring a healthy sexual life. 

Taking care of sexual health

Several factors can readily influence sexual health and hygiene. Things that need to be practised by adolescents as well as married couples to stay risk-free from several life-threatening complications include :

  • Get tested for life-threatening diseases like AIDS, syphilis regularly.
  • Being sexually active makes you potentially at risk of contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. HIV can spread if you share needles or syringes from the infected person and have unprotected oral, vaginal, and anal sex. Hence getting tested for such complications is always recommended.
  • Choose your birth control method wisely. Hormonal birth controls like IUDs and pills are adequate to prevent pregnancy but do not protect against STIs. Consider using a barrier method like a condom that prevents unintended pregnancy and protects you against STDs.
  • Visit your doctor regularly and enquire about sexual health, birth control, and family planning. 
  •  Breast examination, Pap test, and pelvic examinations are necessary for pregnant mothers to ensure the healthy life of the unborn.

Importance of Sexual and Hygiene

Sexual hygiene typically refers to the health-related behaviour that needs to be practised before, after, or during sex. Sexual health and hygiene don’t necessarily focus on the act of an individual during sexual activities. It also refers to cleanliness and proper sanitization in both men and women. One should prioritize sexual hygiene since it helps prevent STIs and enhances sexual confidence for any sexual encounters. Many schools conduct sexual health-related programs that educate growing youths with correct information on sex, contraception, and cleanliness. 

Ways to maintain proper sexual hygiene 

You should practice sexual hygiene regularly to enhance confidence, promote sexual wellness and ensure risk-free sex. The simple ways that help to maintain sound sexual health and hygiene

  • Men should regularly wash their penis with gentle soap without chasing significant erosion of the foreskin. They should also clean the testicles properly to prevent sweat and dirt accumulation.
  • Vagina cleans itself with its lubrications most of the time. Use plain unperfumed soaps to wash the genital area gently. Avoid using vaginal deodorants since they alter the pH of the cervix.
  • Use a condom every time while having sex. Do not have sex with multiple partners.
  • Switch on to cotton underwear and change your sanitary napkins frequently during menstruation.

Make sexual health and hygiene a priority practised

You must not neglect sexual health and hygiene as they are not mere non-essential factors. The potential risks associated with the lack of awareness are life-threatening. Apart from taking proper measures during sex, regular exercises, drinking an adequate amount of water, eating lots of leafy vegetables can contribute to a healthy and peaceful sexual life. 

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