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Mexican Culture | Identify of Mexicans

Mexico(Mexican Culture) is a diverse country of cultures, traditions and unbeatable cuisine. The country is a blend of indigenous practices and Spanish traditions that has imprinted a vibrant vibe on its civilization. Mexico has derived its genetics from Aztec, Maya and European civilizations that had the most profound impact on its tradition and cultural practices. The country comes under the 12th most populous country with its strong provincial and Local cultures that has always created an identity of being called “Mexicos”.

Being as strong in its cultural identity, the country has also built up a strong identification in nationalism too.

Apart from cultural identities, the country has a diverse form of art, literature, languages and cuisine.

There are few groups that have scripted in the history of Mexico as a part of being influencers that have influenced different cultures of Mexico such as cuisine, language, rituals and medicine, these groups are Otomis, Nahuas, Mayas, Tzeltales, Tzotziles and Zapotecs.

Language of Mexico

The country with so much diversification in culture has also impacted the slang and dialect of the people of Mexico. The majorly spoken language is Spanish and about 6% of people apart from speaking Spanish also speak indigenously and other regional languages. Nahuatl was the most indigenous spoken language of Mexico and it was fluently spoken by Aztec civilization. The third most popular and well-spoken language was Mixtec, which was by Indigenous people.

But slowly with the realization of the country’s primary language ethics, the government recognized Spanish as the most spoken language and announced other 62 indigenous languages as co-official national languages.

Mexican culture in Arts (Cultural Arts)

The Art of Mexico is a huge display of its traditional and ethical qualities outcasting pride and dignity through its colourful illustrations. These traditions and display of colours are still present in the society which embraces the importance of Mayan tradition, the most beautiful ancient art.

The country has a Folk Art tradition that displays the portrait of handcrafts such as handcrafted ornaments, potteries, baskets, rugs and much more. This Art is in deep roots of Mexican Culture and has always uplifted the era in the eyes of the whole nation.

Mexican Cuisine

Mexican Food has always been known for its spice and rich history in culinary art. The most Authentic flavourful food has come from Mayan Indians and nomadic hunters, who would offer corns to eat in the form of tortillas. Later the Aztec influence came and reflected the eating pattern in a different way such as they introduced eating wild animals. In the last, there comes the Spanish invasion which introduced herbs and spices such as garlic and other dairy products.

This is how the invasion of different cultures made the Cuisine of Mexico so popular and delicious among all.

Mexican Music and Dance

Mexican Heritage has a colourful band called Mariachi band which is a folk style consisting of five musicians that wear a ‘Charro ‘suit as a symbol to be identified as Mariachi. One of the most popular songs among the people was ‘la Cucaracha’.

One of the famous Folk songs called Corridos has a different way to reach out to the people of Mexico by telling the stories of pride, revolution, Romance, poetry through their songs.

There are other styles of music and dance too which entertain the people such as Banda, Norteno and Ranchera.

Mexican Culture Traditions

The traditions always reflect the identities of people and Mexico has not only one tradition or custom to value for. It has beautiful colours and historical events that have come up in the customs of Mexico. Some of the rooted and deeply reflected customs are Aztec, Olmeca and Mayan rituals.

Some of the Country’s traditions:-


The tradition is celebrated on the night of 31st December every year. This tradition is followed by people coming together as one and saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming the upcoming year with joy and happiness.

Las Posades

The festival is celebrated from December 16 to December 24 every year. This tradition has a Religious hit that reflects the journey of the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph before the birth of Child Jesus.

Aniversario del Dia de la Independencia

The independence day of Mexico is celebrated on September 16. The festival starts on the night of September 15th with all the celebrations and important features.


This tradition was introduced during the colonial Spanish times as Catholic Tradition which promoted the practices of eating Rosa de Reyes and sending letters to the Reyes Magos.

Every Year this festival is celebrated on January 6.

Danza de la Voladores

This tradition reminds us of the meaning of symbolism and mysticism. The ritual is celebrated in the place called papantla and Veracruz which consists of performing different dance forms after climbing a 30-metre high trunk.

La Guelaguetza

This is an Oaxaca state celebration that reflects the joy that is celebrated on the following 2 Mondays of July 16. Various popular dance forms are part of this celebration such as Flor de Pina, Mixtec, Sones Serranos, Danza de la Pluma. The reason for this grand celebration is that representatives of eight regions come and meet at Cerro Fortin.


Reflection of past and ancient history’s, symbolism and mysticism are the roots of Mexico. As a country, it has not neglected its ancient stories of living but has evolved through them and now embracing them through its culture and civilization.

The country has diversity in languages, has diversity in customs, Cuisine, arts and literature. The colours and design show us the pride and ethics of their religion.

The language shows us the dignity of one to speak with freedom. The cuisine shows unity and customs shows equality.

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