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Most people have this question in their minds. In this article, we will discuss What is Mental Health?, Signs of Good Mental Health, Disorder and Treatment.


Some say It is the state of our mind.

Basically, it is the state of mind which includes our emotions, our psychological state and social wellbeing. Our thinking, feeling, behaviour and action depends on our mind. If we are Happy, we will laugh with happy faces. And If we are Sad, we will sit alone and cry with sad faces.

Mentally Healthy includes everything which comes to our mind. Therefore Mental Health plays a very significant role in our life. Mental Health is important for us in every walk of our life.


1) Growing up with your passion like singing, painting, cooking etc. The person who lives his/her passion is always in good mental health. He/She is away from the depression of his/her career and job work.

2) Waking up early in the morning with excitement having a positive attitude about the new day. Some people wake up in the morning with their new goals.

3)Always trying to give the best to the job. People who give importance to their job are always satisfied with their work.

4) Always eager to learn new things and skills. People with good mental health are very eager to know new things in which they have an interest.

5) Always ready to help everyone. Some people help the needy with whole heart whether helping by money or kind.

6) Politeness in talking to anyone. People with good mental health are very polite in conversation.

7) Living life to its fullest. People live their life with full excitement and happiness.



People start thinking that there is no one for them, then they start making distances with the people. They also think that their own family don’t support or love them.


Many people have phobias in their mind like water phobia, height phobia, swing phobia etc. These phobias make them weak at heart which affects their mind.


Some people have the habit of backing their steps when they get a failure on the first try.

Eating Disorders

The person starts eating more and more or starts eating very little, both the situation can take place during mental illness.

The decline in personal care

When a person is going through mental illness they stop taking care of themself. They don’t bother how they are living.

Mood Disorder

People are not able to make decisions, their mood changes again and again.



This is the best treatment to overcome depression which is caused by mental health disorders. By counselling, we can sort out every problem.

Discussion Therapy

Discussion with peer group our colleagues, give us confidence and ability to fight with our problems


This therapy is given to a person with mental issues by psychological doctors or experts. It helps the person to feel normal as other people without mental issues.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

This therapy improves our way of thinking. The person starts thinking positively and neglects the negativity.

Therefore, This Health illness is very common nowadays. All the people are busy in their own life, they even don’t have time to spend with their family. They are always engaged in a busy schedule. They even don’t have time for themself.

So, always discuss your problems with your family members they will surely show you the correct path.

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